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Zavin School is located in Zavin village, 200 km from Mashhad in the North East of Iran. It is a primary school placing 65 students in 6 grades. The school is disadvantaged by its location and distance from the capital cities. The school still has fundamental needs such as computers, video projectors, water supply and much more. The school was in lack of both educational and leisure requirements such as laboratory kits, library, computers and sports equipment. In addition, the school did not have enough heaters to keep students warm in the cold winters. Yarra foundation could support their laboratory, sports equipment such as basketball, volleyball and football balls, badminton rackets, and table tennis. Essential stationery items were purchased for all the students. Also, a gas heater to keep them warm was provided.

  • Sport equipment

  • lab kit

  • purchasing a heater

  • Purchasing stationery

  • Human body maket