Yarra Foundation

Yarra foundation is planning to set up a library for a rural village in the province of Kordestan, near the Kurdish cities of Saghez and Baneh.The village, Sheikh Choopanm, has a population of 400, half of whom are younger than 34. It does not have a high school and the existing schools are not very active. The young population of the village suffers from school children not completing their studies.

About two years ago, a library was established in another village, Kani-Deraz. That library is now managed by the local residents and is contributing greatly to the life of residents.

Yarra foundation project team works closely with a local contact who is the nurse in the village and the wife of the school teacher. The project team in Yarra foundation and the local contact believe that introduction of a library will have a significant positive impact on the education quality of the population in Sheikh-Choopan. Furthermore, residents of a nearby village, 3km from Sheikh-Choopan, can benefit from the services of the library.

The library will be set up in the basement of the village mosque. Yarra foundation estimates a total fund of about AU$2,900 for setting up the library.