Yarra Foundation

Have you ever studied in a freezing classroom? Is it easy to learn when the cold weather makes it impossible to hold a pen? How about if you are down with the flu? These are the conditions that children, including many refugee children, live in some remote villages in north east of Iran such as villages of Ortkand, Barde, Baghkand and Abkame face for at least a third of the year.
The villages are located at the north-east corner of Iran and are about 20km from the border of Turkmanistan. It is a relatively dry area at a high altitude. Covering a significant proportion of the year (October to May), winter starts in November and goes through to late March. There is snow and the temperature drops below zero degrees centigrade. Most of these kids’ families could not afford providing warm clothes for their children.
Yarra Foundation purchased 91 warm uniforms and delivered them in person to each disadvantaged child.