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Koosha is an NGO established in Iran in 2002. It is located close to the Tehran Bazaar, where a large number of street children work; disadvantaged children whose families can’t afford to send them to school. According to Koosha’s statistics over two million children are affected by child labour. Deprived of basic human rights and the right to education, they are subject to physical and sexual abuse. Koosha is devoted to helping these children, to releasing them from labour so they may grow, learn and be healthy.

We were initially linked to this charity organization through our friends who voluntarily work for them; the money collected so far has mainly been spent to buy the children time in which they are not compelled to work, and to send them to school. The total money so far collected and sent to Koosha is $3500, and has been mainly spent on:

  • A two day trip for forty children

  • Two months’ kitchen supplies

  • Stationery

  • Medicine and vitamins

  • Two months’ school fees for forty students