Yarra Foundation

Computer Facilities for Khazra Dormitory

When was the last time you were in a house with young school children and no computer? In this day and age, would you think it is feasible
to finish school and be computer illiterate?

We believe that every child going to school must have basic computer skills.

We have been working with Khazra orphanage located in the city of Quchan, north east of Iran. The orphanage accommodates 90 children and young people (34 girls and 56 boys), aged between four and 18 years. Khazra (which,by the way, means green) has boarding facilities.

We have defined this project to include the purchase of three computers for the dormitory at Khazra. This would enable students to better
complete their homework and to develop other computer and programming skills.

By donating to this project, you will help the children at Khazra to enter into the world of computing.