Yarra Foundation

The Fayyazbakhsh Institute is based in the town of Mashad located in north-eastern Iran. It provides educational support for disabled children and adults to give them the opportunity of living an independent life. The education team at the institute approached the Yarra Foundation seeking sponsorship of 4 children aged 7 to 9 years old:

  • Simin is an eight years old orphan who has a mobility impairment from a birth defect.  She has been  the institute since infancy;

  • Forough is a seven years orphan who also has a mobility impairment from birth.  She has been with the institute since infancy;

  • Asma is an eight years old girl is had a spinal injury which resulted in her becoming a paraplegic; and

  • Fatemeh is an eight years old girl who was abandoned at an early age.  She suffers from vision and mobility impairments.

The Yarra Foundation was successful in raising the $1000 annual tuition fees for these little girls at a specialized school which will help provide them with life opportunities.