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Funding provided by Yarra Foundation has assisted a charity organisation in Iran to run educational camps for teenage boys and girls in the remote towns of Hamoun and Nimrouz in the south-east of Iran. The funding mainly covered the transport costs of over ten volunteer teachers who travelled from different parts of the country to spend ten days with students who otherwise have very little access to good education.

The teachers had different backgrounds such as science and arts and travelled long and difficult distances by plane, train and bus.
The assistance also provided essential requirements for these camps such as food and stationery. Without these programs, students in these remote areas have an extremely low chance of successfully completing high school or entering university.

The camps, organised by the local charity organisation, accommodated over 200 girls and boys for ten days over the summer. These allowed students to spend time in a supportive environment with scheduled times for reviewing school subjects from the previous academic year and getting a head start on subjects for the following year. The program also included sports and counselling for students as well as awarding them small prizes.