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A group of highly talented university students in Iran is helping disadvantaged high school kids to prepare for a life-changing university entrance exam. Passing this exam and going to university will provide these children a great opportunity in their pursuit of a better life that they would otherwise not have.

Entrance to public universities in Iran requires students to pass a highly competitive national exam. Families spend thousands of dollars on tuition fees and school fees to see their children secure a place at university. Those unable to pay these fees are often lost and forgotten in the system.

Now a group of highly talented university students is helping those kids in need. They come from Sharif University, the best technical university in Iran and among the best in the world. Students at this university want to give back to their community by helping homeless students, those from single-parent families, and students with disabilities.

They have organised a 15-day educational camp to help prepare students for this difficult exam. Students will spend time in a supportive environment which will ensure they receive enough food, rest and counselling. The camp also consists of a strict educational program designed to help them with the subjects they will be examined on, away from the everyday hurdles they face in life.

Funding for this camp is being sought from a number of sources including Yarra Foundation. An amount of 5,000 dollars will cover the costs of this camp such as food, transport, accommodation. This is a once in lifetime opportunity for these often-forgotten children.