Yarra Foundation

Jooyandegane Danesh is a school for Afghan refugee children, run in Iran without government support. It was established in 2000 by an Afghan teacher, also a refugee, who began with twenty pupils. These children had no access to public or private schools, as the Iranian Government denied them residency status. Very quickly the number of students grew to four hundred, the school operated without  any dedicated school building, moving from place to place, often unable to rent serious premises, and forced to open from the teacher’s own house. After a time a Japanese company generously helped them to secure the lease on an old two bedroom house. Since then more than one thousand students have joined the school, some continuing on to high school, some returning to Afghanistan and some simply leaving when their families could not afford even their clothes and books. We found this school through friends who supported it in Iran. We pay the school on a monthly basis and try to improve the conditions, facilities and quality of education these children enjoy.

Our support mainly goes towards:

  • Clearing the School’s debts

  • Returning 50 students to school who had been unable to pay for a two year’s tuition

  • Purchasing books for 50 students for two years

  • Sponsoring fifty students for the whole year

  • Purchasing stationery

  • Purchasing uniforms

  • Funding a weekly program to introduce them to reading and friendship with books