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Yashar Nikpayam
Founder, Vice-President

I am a structural engineer and immigrated to Australia in late 2011 with my wife, Maryam. Our lovely little daughter, Sophia, was born in Feb 2013. Settling in the new country proved to be challenging and I worked as a factory hand, kitchen hand and the delivery guy before starting my first professional job here. Nevertheless, I managed to discover the joy and new insights into life in all these experiences. I hardly find free time these days, but if I find some, I read about politics or try to arrange a party with awesome people out there! I love people! My dream is to establish a school called “School of Yarra” in a deprived area of Iran, similar to “School of St Jude in Tanzania”. Just like the Yarra River which runs through the heart of Melbourne, my dream school would be laid out somewhere in Iran.
I feel that I owe this to the children of my country. My involvement in Yarra gives me the ability to stretch my heart and helps my dream come nearer to reality.

[email protected]