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Sina Hassanli
Public Affair

I am still wrestling with the most fundamental and unsettling questions of life, still trying to figure out who I am, and what it is that I want. Yet, broadly and briefly speaking, I am Sina from Shiraz, doing PhD on renewable energy generation. My thoughts are wandering and spinning round and round, as they please, and my mind is racing in a marathon with no finish line in sight. However, here I will try to put some of my thoughts into words: I often think about the possibilities and potentials, through which my research would make its way to the remote areas with no access to energy sources. I have a dream! (very similar to the famous one); Dream of a world without poverty and injustice, in which every girl, boy, woman and man enjoys equal opportunities and the right to live with dignity and respect. This dream would not find its way to the reality unless each of us play our role unwaveringly. This is the reason why I am grateful to be able to contribute to Yarra’s cause; i.e., helping disadvantaged children to gain access to a better quality of education, which, I believe, is a fundamental movement. All children, regardless of their place of birth and their social class, are entitled to receive adequate and quality education as a part of their basic human rights. Depriving disadvantaged children from a decent education is one of the worst kind of discrimination which may cast a shadow over their whole life. Helping vulnerable and disadvantage children to pursue their dreams brings me joy and fulfillment, and makes me determined to stay a part in Yarra’s journey.