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Shohre Mansouri
Main Founder, Projects Coordinator

On September 1st, 2012, we held the first fundraising dinner at our place and I delivered my very first speech in a nervous voice while everyone was trying to keep warm around the fire in our backyard with the goal of helping disadvantaged children with their education. That night I hardly imagined that we would continue for this long or that the very first fundraising dinner would lead us to become a reputable NGO in Australia and overseas and would help thousands of children.

My motive for organising the very first fundraising dinner is still my main motive to work for Yarra and in fact, one of my main motivations in life. I am trying to do what I can to make this world a little fairer and to stop as much suffering as I can.
Poverty is one of the most significant causes of suffering in the world and I believe that education is the best way to combat it. I hope with all my heart, that there comes a day when there is no reason for a foundation like Yarra to exist, a day when all the children will have ready access to quality education.