Yarra Foundation
Pouya Bagheri
Founder, Art Director

Much of who I am can be certainly described by my name, meaning “active and dynamic” in Persian. I can hardly sit, except when I am doing something which I enjoy or I am passionate about like designing or making something. I am an industrial designer, hold a Master of Product Design from the University of Arts in Tehran and a Bachelor of Industrial Design from Iran University of Science and Technology. I was born is the beautiful and loveable city of Shiraz. I am interested in arts per se, deeply enjoy cinema and literature and paint sometimes too. My artistic side goes hand in hand with my rather different scientific side: I love mathematics, robots and I am fascinated about science and technology. Socialising and meeting new people from different cultures and languages are my greatest hobbies. I have habitually unlimited creativity in whatever I do or say, so it can be absurd or fun!
This is my passion these days: www.mindraw.xyz