Yarra Foundation
Dr. Naser Ghobadzadeh
Management Committee Member & Sydney Branch Representative

I teach and am a research scholar at the Australian Catholic University. Although I have lived in Sydney for the last 9 years, I still dearly miss many things about home. My childhood was tough and we were vulnerable in many respects, but simple things like snowball fights during the long winters in my hometown of Ardebil brought us true happiness and joy. A new notebook and a set of six coloured pencils could make our day. While many years have now passed since, there are still countless vulnerable children back home living in dire circumstances. We can make a difference by helping to bring these disadvantaged children a bit of comfort and smile to their faces at this early stage of their live’s journey. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to be a part of Yarra’s endeavours not only because they are tied to a good cause, but, perhaps more importantly, because Yarra invests in education. As the late Nelson Mandela said: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. I strongly believe that Yarra’s activities do not just help vulnerable children on an individual basis; this initiative contributes to making the world a better place.