Yarra Foundation
Mehrdokht Pournader
Public Relations Manager

I am a lecturer of Management at Macquarie Graduate School of Management. As a child, my parents made sure they provided me with all the necessities of a good education and I was fortunate enough to receive them. But I knew I was among the few and I felt this was not fair… I was (and still am) sure that by making the somewhat similar circumstances for other children who were deprived of the educational opportunities that I had, they could have reached much higher social status that I enjoy today.
As a human being I felt the urge to give back, to make somewhat order in the chaos of this world we are living in, and that was concurrent with me being introduced to Yarra. Collaborating with Yarra has satisfied my need of giving back to the society and gave a sense of a deeper meaning to my life… a much joyful feeling of being there for others when they need it.