Yarra Foundation
Erfan Ghahremany

I was raised in a middle-class family in Gachsaran, a small underprivileged city in South West of Iran. I am an industrial engineer, MBA certified procurement professional. I immigrated to this beautiful country as a skilled migrant and started my own family here. There is no doubt I was very lucky to have a great family who supported me with my education in the early stages of my life. Sadly not every child is as fortunate as I was to have access to decent education.

Even though I feel home here now, I still have my roots back in Iran and deep in my heart I feel I am indebted to all children who are willing to continue their education but they are struggling financially. As a volunteer in Yarra management committee, I am devoting part of my personal life to help these kids to follow their dreams as I did.

My hope is seeing a day which there is no need for Yarra Foundation as all the children of Iran have fair opportunity to go to school unneeded of others’ supports.