Yarra Foundation
Elmira Fadaei-Azar

Back home, since I was a teenager, I’ve always been thinking of disadvantaged kids. How they live, what they dream and who they would become. I joined different charities and tried to be a part of their mission. After migrating to Australia six years ago, one big void was in my heart and it was being far away from children who struggle to meet their primary needs. As a human being who had always had access to resources, I started thinking of how I could have a positive impact on their journey from miles away. And that was when I joined Yarra Foundation where people all had the passion to support disadvantaged children’s education. Elmira is a happy dreamer person who wants to see smile on kids’ faces when they see their dreams come true. Some have just small dreams like having a stationary kit and some have big dreams like becoming an important character or an educated person. Elmira wants to be a part of the journey these kids go through and it is not possible unless everyone works together as a team. As a research engineer who’s been studying Physics of the ocean, I believe that life has randomness just like the ocean phenomena. Hence, some people may randomly suffer from lack of access to resources. But I also believe that we can make big changes in their lives and let them experience the joy of justice and equality.