Yarra Foundation
Ehsan Hakimi
Projects Coordinator

I work in the software industry as an ECM consultant. During my life, every 4 years we lived in a different city of Iran from south to north since my father was working in the Airforce. I have lived in a remote area where only 80 families lived there so knowing how life could be in a small village and how hard it would be to access primary facilities. I was lucky to move to Tehran for my University and then immigrate to Sydney but I know there are still many children living in the same situation.

My main focus for my charity activities would be to help people who are living in the border cities of Iran who don’t have access to the basic educational equipment and facilities and there are not many charity organization to support them. Also trying to empower local charities in those remote areas by sharing resources and knowledge. I believe, synergy will cause to act much more effective so trying to engage more and more people with different opinions but the same goal. Thanks, Yarra to provide this fantastic opportunity for me.