Yarra Foundation
Bita Ekhtiari
Board Member

I studied Economics at Shahid Beheshti University (Iran) and Finance in Business at UTS and have been living in Sydney for the last nine years. These days, I work as a Finance Officer in the Research Office at the Australian Catholic University, but I previously pursued my passion for baking and cooking as a professional cake decorator. After deciding that I should enjoy baking as a hobby rather than making a career out of it, I returned to the finance sector in 2013. My other favourite pastimes are spending time with children so much so that I am always available to take care of my friends’ children when they are away! I adore children’s innocence and purity and spending time with them brings me nothing but unparalleled joy.
Since becoming to know Yarra a few years ago, I have had the privilege to be engaged in Yarra’s activities and feel extremely fortunate to be involved. I strongly believe that improving access to education and providing the means to improve quality of education will make the world a better place to live. Children give our lives meaning and I am grateful that I have had this opportunity to help the disadvantaged children of my homeland experiencing a better quality of education.