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Alireza Aarabi

I used to be a school teacher in one of the poor areas of Tehran, Iran’s capital. My time there quickly exposed me to the battle between education and poverty. I witnessed smart kids lacking the motivation to learn; struggling parents without enough time for their little ones; school suffering from lack of basic facilities and teachers not making the impact they hoped for. This goes on until a helping hand comes along.
Sadly, this is not the only school of its type. The world is growing fast but it leaves behind the disadvantaged people. These people need compassion, love and more importantly education. We need a world that works for everyone.
My name is Alireza. I am a husband, a father and a software engineer. I have been lucky enough to study in one of best schools and universities in Tehran. I love kids and do believe in them. I’m here to do my bit for them who deserve education and better lives.