Yarra Foundation
Ali Khallaghi
Committee Member

As an entrepreneur, business coach and investor, I love to help and provide solutions for clients and businesses, solve their problems, fulfil their needs and add value to them.

On the other hand, I have a passion for growth and empowering the most important part of each society who I believe are children. They are passionate, kind, creative and brilliant. They just need support and care in the journey of life.

Helping children is one of the best investments. Our help is a small step compared to what they would do in the future for our motherland or where ever they will live on our beautiful earth. Or in the Mars!

The keyword of “Education” is the core of my beliefs in professional and private life. Education, learning and knowledge are the gateways of every change and creation. We need wise and powerful children to have a better future for humanity. By giving them a chance of education, I believe they will scale it to a level that will be beyond our imagination.

I joined the Yarra team because, in my eyes, they were like a group of passionate entrepreneurs that believed in their idea and like a startup made it real from nothing. And have grown it to a level that has respect and attention in our society. It’s my honour to be part of this team.

For me, Yarra isn’t a non-profit organisation. In fact, it has so many benefits for us like friendship, joy and satisfaction.