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Yarra Foundation is a charity organisation based in Australia that is dedicated to the provision and enhancement of education for disadvantaged children in Iran.Yarra Foundation delivers long-term development and educational programs to support children in Iran. We work together to share expertise, coordinate activities and pool resources, which enables us to extend our reach and impact for children to access education. Yarra Foundation is registered as:
  • A charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC)
  • Consumer Affairs Victoria as an Incorporated Association (ABN 85168357033)
No. Yarra Foundation is an Australian based not for profit organisation which is child-focused, independent, development organisation. While we respect the rule and regulation of Australia and Iran, we have no membership or affiliation to any political party or religion.
Yarra Foundation activities are twofold. Management,administration, and fundraising activities are undertaken in Australia. The educational projects are implemented in Iran.
To ensure we are assisting children in the best possible way and investing funds where they are most needed, our programs are continually monitored and evaluated to measure their impact and effectiveness. We do this through financial and project reporting, regular monitoring visits through our trusted representatives in Iran, program reflections, and formal evaluations.
Yes. Whenever we start a project, campaign or emergency response, we consider what other organisations are doing and how our work will complement existing initiatives. We work in partnerships with other organisations when a collaborative approach will increase our effectiveness.
Yarra Foundation is fully accredited by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). This means DFAT and the Australian public, are confident that Yarra Foundation funding professional, well managed, community-based organisations that are capable of delivering quality development outcomes.
Yarra Foundation board member developed “Code of Conduct” and "Yarra Rules".This Code defines standards of governance, management, financial control and reporting with which Yarra Foundation should comply, and identifies mechanisms to ensure accountability in the use of public monies.
Our programs are funded by funds received from supporters, government funding, and corporate sponsorships.
All of the board members working fully on a voluntary basis.
Yarra Foundation has a zero tolerance approach to fraud and corruption, to ensure that we can continue our important work to improve the lives of vulnerable children and their families. To safeguard against fraud and corruption, we apply strict financial controls in all our dealings with partner organisations.According to Yarra Rules, two internal auditors monitor organisation performance randomly. These auditors also respond to the requests of the members for accessing documentation and evidence of raised fundings and project expenditures.


Yarra Foundation was founded in Australia by a group of Iranian immigrants in 2012. The founders believed that education is critical for breaking the loop of illiteracy and poverty, it should be available to all, and the investment was worth the cost. They started the Foundation with a group of friends and supporters by organising fundraising dinner parties and invested in children's education in Iran.In 2014, Yarra Foundation was registered in Australia as a charity to continue its mission, access to quality education, without limits or restrictions.Due to having a great number of trusted resources and familiarity with Iranian community, we put our main focus and effort to work with disadvantage children in Iran.
Yes! Volunteers play a vital role in helping Yarra to improve the lives of vulnerable children. Volunteering is a great way to meet new people, be part of the Yarra Foundation community, and help improving your career prospects. Find out more about volunteering with Yarra HERE.
There are a number of ways you can use your time and skills to support our work, even if you have a full-time job. Some volunteer roles require only a few hours on a weekend while others involve a longer, ongoing commitment outside of office hours.
Our volunteers come from a diverse range of backgrounds and ages with a wide range of skills and experiences. From young people to retirees, professionals and people looking for work, we encourage everyone to volunteer.
We are working with a law firm to apply for Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status. At this stage your donation is not tax-deductible; however, we are getting this status by 2021.
Please contact the Team on info@Yarrafoundation.com or alternatively contact Yarra at +61 410 396 140 and we will happily assist you with your request.
All projects in Iran supported by Australian funds are implemented through Yarra Foundation representatives and partners and rigorously monitored by Yarra’s staff in Australia and Iran.Yarra’s monitoring systems ensure it is known where and how the aid is being used – Yarra tracks the supplies from the initial phase of a project to the people who need it, based on need. In addition, Yarra’s programs are independently audited once a year and Yarra undertakes on-the-ground evaluations to ensure aid money is being spent effectively and to ensure plans are put in place to invest it well in the future. Yarra Foundation has strict processes for selecting local partners to ensure that they have the skills to deliver the project and are aligned with the Foundation's purpose. Yarra also has strict internal controls on how the money is managed in-country – to ensure the Foundation can be completely accountable to the donors including the Australian Government.
Please refer to HERE for all donation avenues. Alternatively, you can donate to Yarra Foundation bank account details as below:

  • Bank of Melbourne
  • Account Name: Yarra Foundation Inc.
  • BSB Number: 193879
  • Account Number: 449109401
There are two types of sponsorship for your business: To find out more about the agreement process, the conditions for receiving the title from Yarra Foundation and the promises that Yarra holds for the businesses please read here and contact Yarra Foundation via: