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Yarra Foundation corporate partners come from industries of all shapes and sizes. Providing education, health and life opportunities will help children to achieve their full potential.

Our corporate partnerships help us to provide programs throughout 90 communities across Iran that assist more than 4,500 disadvantaged children to participate more fully in their education and create a better future for them.

Your organisation assist children by being business donor, major sponsor, friend or sponsor of Yarra Foundation. All of our partners are vital to building our programs for children, and we are grateful to each one for their unique contributions.The conditions for receiving the title from Yarra and the promises that Yarra holds for the businesses are listed below.

  • A business donor for the amount minimum of $500 will have the name published on social media.

  • A business donor with a regular donation (at least $100 per month) will be called Yarra's sponsor, will have their name on the website as Yarra's sponsor and will have a post on the social media.

  • A business donor with a regular donation (at least $300 per month) will be called Yarra's major sponsor, will have their name as a major sponsor on Yarra’s website and will be thanked in all of the events. They are allowed to have their advertising material presented in Yarra's events.The advertising materials need to be approved by fundraising manager.

  • A person or an organisation can be a Yarra's friend. The relation with Yarra friends cannot be measured by dollar amount but the relation is beneficial for Yarra in some way. The title will be decided by the Public Affair manager.

  • Event sponsors and Yarra’s promises to them are managed by Fundraising Manager.

The donation can be in form of resources, e.g. space, services and etc. The financial value of the resource donated will be decided by the treasurer.

If your organisation interested in becoming a partner with Yarra Foundation, please contact us today how to become business donor, sponsor ,friend or major sponsor:

E-mail: Info@YarraFoundation.com

Phone: +61 410 396 140