Yarra Foundation

Become a Campaigner

Only with people like you, we can reach to the most disadvantaged children of villages in Iran. Together we can pay for the transportation, buy school bag full of stationery and protect a child from cold winter with a jacket as cheap as $20.

Our campaign network stretch across the Australia and around the world.

We want you to be a ‘Yavar’ (Yavar in Persian means helper / supporter). By doing in things your way, you are the person who makes a real difference.

You may join a campaign or support one of our projects by holding your own fundraiser or charity event. You even can propose an educational project to Yarra Foundation, get the approval and fundraise for that.

Here are the steps to a successful fundraising:

1. Choose a fun event, activity or adventure

Choose a simple fundraising method such as morning tea or a bar night with friends. You may also fundraise in birthday parties at school or work place. If you are a social media person or have a long list of emails addresses you may be able to fund raise online only.

2. Set yourself a target

Set an achievable fundraising target to keep yourself motivated. Do not forget to pick a date limit. If you are holding an event, try to minimise your cost.

3. Share the words and ideas

Record a video of yourself and share it with your friends on Facebook or Instagram. Write short emails and share Yarra campaign with your network. Many hands make the work easier and lighter and it’s more fun with your friends.

4. Collect the funds, hit the target 🙂

In an event or a celebration, you can collect cash or sell ticket; but do not forget to tell your guests how much you raised. With online fundraising, you can simply share our campaign/donation links with your network and ask them reference your name while donating. We give you a weekly update of your fundraising progress.

5. Make it official

Upon receipts of the funds that you collected we provide you a certificate or an acknowledgement letter. If you provide us the donors’ emails, we will forward the acknowledgements to them with our great appreciation.


Fundraising Ideas

The best fundraising idea is your own idea. There is a long list of ideas available online which google helps you find them 🙂 you may also find some of them below.

But before you get on board, get to know us and find out what we do. This is very important. Don’t hesitate to call us on +61 410 396 140 or send us an email to ask your questions.

Here are some creative ideas to raise funds

  • House Party

A house party does not have to be fancy. It can be a dinner party or an afternoon tea. It can have 6 or 20 guests. Refreshments can be catered or be as simple as coffee and cake. (10 steps to a successful fundraising event)

  • Fundraise in celebration

Compassionate supporters asked their friends and families to donate to Yarra Foundation instead of bringing gifts to the birthday parties or other celebrations.

  • Fundraise online

Pick one of our campaigns, set yourself a target and set up an online fundraising strategy. You can also build a team by inviting your friends and increase the target. Group fundraising is easier and more fun.

  • Auctions

Include all sorts of treasures, handicrafts and gift from beauty treatments, guitar lessons, tutoring, dog-walking or baby-sitting services. Silent auctions and date auctions are fun variations.

  • Give it up

Campaign to ask friends, families, colleagues and schoolmates to give up things like Friday night takeout ($20) or a morning latte ($3) and donate the money instead. This reminds us all of how much we have to be thankful for and what we can do without for a short period of time to make a big difference for a child.

  • Selling goods and services

If you have special handicraft, extra books or treasures you can sell it at your parties or celebrations.

  • Garage sale

Tell your friend and families that you are holding a garage sale for Yarra Foundation. They may join you on the day with their extra items for sale.

  • Book sale

Get family and friends to donate books to the book sale. Hold a stall at a local market or approach your business to set up in the main foyer of your office block where there are lots of through traffic.

  • Donation box

Get one of our donation box for your business or for your home please contact us (email). We let you know how much you raised.

  • BBQ

Host a BBQ at a park and charge an entry fee. Get your local butcher and bakery to donate supplies. Have a raffle to raise extra funds.

  • Walk or Run to raise fund

There are always nice people out there who love to join you for a long walk. Give it a try you find your team quickly.

  • Raffles

Request prize donations and sell your tickets to everyone you know. Easy & fun!

  • Sausage Sizzle

Hold a sausage sizzle at your local shopping centre or Woolworth. Bunning’s also allow groups to use their facilities on a weekend. Try to contact local butchers and bakers to donate the meat and bread required.

Be creative and let us know if you come up with a new idea!