Yarra Foundation

Who we are


Yarra is a river in Melbourne, where Yarra Foundation is born...
Yarra was founded by a group of Iranian immigrants in 2013 at the wonderful and multicultural city of Melbourne, Australia. As much as we are enjoying the excellent quality of life and social justice in Australia, we have not forgotten that there are children in Iran who are suffering from the lack of some basic needs.
Yarra Foundation decided to help some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children escape the loop of illiteracy and poverty by helping them gain education.
Thus, we decided to establish Yarra Foundation for Disadvantaged Children's Education. Disadvantaged children are affected by child labour and poverty. They usually are street children, child refugees, mentally or physically disabled children with limited or no access to education.
We defined our obligation and the way we work towards sustainable education for children in Yarra Rules andCode Of Conduct.
We hold fundraising events and assign funds raised for the projects run by executive committee members of the foundation through our connections in Iran.
Yarra foundation is registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) - ABN [85168357033].
Yarra foundation is registered as a Registrable Australian Body with Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC) -  ARBN [616517492]
Yarra Foundation defined their obligation and the way organisation work towards sustainable education for children in Yarra Rules and Code Of Conduct.



A world in which every child attains the right of education


We believe all children should have access to education, without limits or restrictions. Our goal is to make education a reality rather than just a distant dream for disadvantaged children and their families.



We had this idea of organizing Iranian parties, serving amazing Iranian cuisine and raising some money to help children affected by child labor. We thought these children were the most vulnerable people in Iran because they are not able to escape their miserable situation without help.

We believed we need to focus on their education because it is the only way that could break the loop of illiteracy and poverty.

We arranged our first party on September 1st, 2012. We were able to raise about $1000 - $1500 per party and send every dollar to Iran.

The parties have been happening every two months and we have made sure we invite different people to spread the word. Initially, we started helping the Kousha Organisation since we knew this organisation was very active helping disadvantaged children in the south of Tehran.

Eventually, we realised we can direct our help to more disadvantaged centres like orphanges, centres caring for disabled children or even schools in remote areas. One group of children in need of particular help are the Afghan refugees in Iran who do not have access to basic education.

So, we started asking our relatives and friends to be our links and to find disadvantaged children in Iran. We always made sure the money raised was spent on children's education.

Late last year, we realized that we have to register our foundation in order to become more financially active and to attract more funding. We decided upon the name of our organization 'Yarra Foundation for Disadvantaged Children's Education' because the word 'Yara' in Persian (یــارا) means a combination of kind, helpful and benevolent. The similarity of this word and the name of the Yarra river that runs across Melbourne naturally led us to pick this name for our organization. You'll find that all Persian speakers pronounce Yarra as 'Yara' anyway!

We are proud to say that we are all volunteers and that every single dollar raised is spending for the children.