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Used Tablets Campaign 2021

Although life is going back to normal in some parts of the world, the Covid-19 pandemic is only escalating in some other parts. Virtual education remains the only way to access education for many children and the inadequate supply of electronic devices puts them behind their classmates. The current campaign aims to collect and refresh your used laptop and tablet computers here in Australia and send them to these disadvantaged students. We can also accept your kind cash donations towards covering the cost of transporting these devices or will be used to purchase further devices if these costs are fully covered.

The campaign entails two parallel missions:

1. Collecting used laptop and tablet computers in Australia
– If you are willing to donate a laptop or tablet computer that you don’t use much, please fill out this form or give us a call on 0424906212.
– If you reside in Melbourne, Sydney, or Brisbane, one of our volunteers will get in touch with you to collect the device(s) at a convenient time or location for you.
– If you live in another location, we have a contract with a postal services to transfer the device(s) at no cost to you. Please fill the online form for further instructions.

2. Fundraising:
If you are keen to support this cause but do not have a device to donate, rest assured, you can donate any amount of funds to cover other costs involved in this campaign. Your donations will cover the costs of transporting the devices to the places of need or will be used to purchase further devices if these costs are fully covered.

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Yarra Foundation is a registered charity in Australia to support education of disadvantaged children in Iran. Yarra Foundation helps some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children escape the loop of illiteracy and poverty.

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