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Yarra’s school stationery campaign 2021

The current campaign marks the fifth anniversary of Yarra Foundation’s annual school stationery campaigns. Instead of rambling about the obvious level of poverty and its effects on school kids, we will cut to the chase and lay out the facts and outcomes from previous campaigns and our plans for this round.

As you are aware, last year’s campaign was focused on purchasing tablet computers and internet access given the situations caused by COVID-19 pandemic. With your generous support, we were able to purchase and distribute over 400 tablet computers. In addition to this, more than 3,000 stationery packages were purchased and distributed. However, in the current campaign, we will again focus on stationery packages given the high probability of the school’s re-opening. Also, we are confident that the tablets from the previous year and the devices collected during our recent Used Tablets Campaign would sufficiently cover the remote learning demands.

In this year’s campaign, we are aiming to bring your support to over 3,000 disadvantaged students. Each stationery package would cost no more than $10 and will keep these kids at school for another year.

Our initial target is set to $10,000 however we are looking forward to increasing this target to more ambitious amounts as your generous donations head our way!

Please consider donating to this campaign and spread the word among your family and friends. We can’t wait to share with you all the joyful moments that your donations create when they reach their destination

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Yarra Foundation is a registered charity in Australia to support education of disadvantaged children in Iran. Yarra Foundation helps some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children escape the loop of illiteracy and poverty.

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