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کمپین بنیاد یارا برای حمایت از کودکان آسیب دیده در زلزله خوی

زلزله 5.9 ریشتری خوی در زمستان سخت 1401 تا به حال چندین کشته و صدها مصدوم به جای گذاشته. سرمای زیر صفر و پس لرزه های متعدد و کمبود مواد غذایی، وسایل گرمایشی و اسکان موقت هموطنانمان بر درد این زلزله افزوده است. و همیشه در این گونه وقایع طبیعی، کودکان بیشترینترس و نا امنی را تجربه می کنند و در معرض آسیب های بیشتر جسمی و روانی هستند.

هدف این کمپین جمع آوری کمک های مالی برای حمایت و کمک به کودکان آسیب دیده در زلزله خوی می باشد.

Children affected by the Khoy earthquake need your help now!

Whenever there is a natural disaster, everyone has an emotional response and reaction. People of all ages experience emotions differently, at different times, even years after an incident.

At Yarra Foundation, we are trying to raise awareness, and funds to support distressed children who are suffering financially and emotionally from the recent earthquake in Khoy, Iran. On top of their emotional well-being, this natural disaster can have a long-term impact on their physical, educational, and social development.

Our goal is to raise funds and find safe channels for supporting vulnerable children. Donations to this campaign ensure that children most affected by earthquake will have access to hygiene, health, and educational services as well as social support.


Who We Are?


Yarra Foundation is a registered charity in Australia to support disadvantaged children in Iran. Yarra Foundation helps some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children escape the loop of poverty.

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