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Let’s bring education to them so that they will return to school

YARRA Foundation through its Persian New Year Campaign has decided to raise funds for buying and equipping a van with a classroom in order to make free portable classes accessible to children who are victims of child labour.

This project will be handled with the support of a reputable charity in Iran for those children who are illegally exploited in the most remote and deprived areas.

The Education Van and its teachers will enable disadvantaged children to return to the classroom and learn. Most children who are employed do not have time to go to school and study, and they are relied on as a financial provider for the family in poverty, meaning these children are missing out on vital education.

On this Persian New Year’s Eve, we are hoping to see you by our side in this campaign, so that together we will be able to protect more of these innocent children and take a step closer to the eradication of child labour in Iran.


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Yarra Foundation is a registered charity in Australia to support education of disadvantaged children in Iran. Yarra Foundation helps some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children escape the loop of illiteracy and poverty.

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We are running this campaign to fill this income gap so we can continue to support the disadvantaged students in Iran …

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